Wednesday, December 24, 2008

at bed time

sometimes at night i pretend
that i am in your tiny bed, and my legs
are tangled in your blue comforter.
no matter how many times i squish
my pillow, i can never
get it to feel like your chest.
i miss the way your room seemed to defy gravity
the objects rising and falling as your breath
moved my head and your heart beat
strong against my cheek.
when sleep won't come i read your letter,
folded twice down and once across, the blue ink not even faded
because i've been keeping it hidden.
i can feel you, there, hovering over your desk,
trying to find the right words because you always think you say the wrong thing.
my fingers trace your letters and then i fold the paper
once, twice, three times.
as i close my eyes i hear your voice in my head
and feel the ghost of your hand on my chest.

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