Tuesday, December 30, 2008


looking back now i guess i should have seen the signs
this was never what i had in mind
nights spent on separate sides of the bed
you'd never know we used to hold each other instead

the couch is a minefield of personal space and measured words
it's hard to avoid making a mess at every turn
but we just act like nothing is different from before
conversations becoming worn

no matter how much we talk about it
it never seems to change
i might not be strong enough to go
but i'm too strong to stay

little by little you've been looting pieces of me
i'm having trouble finding myself in the debris
it's here i falter, it's here i lose myself
stepping through ruins of what we thought we felt

we never seem to talk about it
it will never change
if one of use doesn't get out now
the neither of us can be saved


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