Wednesday, December 17, 2008

long island rail road

bought a ticket on a monday afternoon
to leave the city and come see you
on the train ride, my nerves start, proving
i don't know what i am doing

they're all excited that i stopped by
i don't have the heart to tell them i
i'm just here for you
'cause you asked me to
you asked me to

you raise your eyebrow and offer to show me around
we stand in a corner talking under the sound
i am careful not to look at you
'cause your girlfriend's watching from across the room

my sense of guilt mingles with my shame
but i forget it all when you say my name
and promise you will see me soon
i'll see you soon

i walk out the door and try not to dwell
and stand on the platform, laughing at myself
we both feel, we both know
we'll never show


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