Wednesday, December 17, 2008


your name, in secret,
in places only we would think to look.
in dry erase on my wall,
in black ink on my shoes.
scratched in the dirt
beside where i'm sitting now.
all the little things say your name to me somehow.

it's in your fingerprints
and in your sweat lingering on the sheets
i've washed again and again.
in the letters written by your hand
and given me.
it's in the sun in my eyes and the wind on my cheeks,
and in my secret places,
little pieces of you sleep.

i can see it now, you're doing what you think is right.
but no matter what you call it,
it means that i'm without you tonight.

we give names to things to make them easier bear,
but the name you give this doesn't make it any more fair.
guess i'm just shocked and i don't know what to say,
'cause anything i tell you just won't hold sway.

i can see it now, you've justified this to yourself
but that only works when there's not one else involved.

your name, in secret,
i carry it around
hidden in my heart where it can't be found.


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