Wednesday, December 17, 2008

of a boy

last august you said 'i don't think i can do this anymore.'
i was silent until you left, then i sank to the floor.
i was trying to be everything you need, i guess i couldn't fill that void
they all asked, and i collapsed from the doings of a boy.

february. i'm coming to your city for school.
my family thinks i'm coming for you.
but i made my peace with this, i have moved on from it,
now i'm just curious to see how things will go
we said friends, but the doings of you, boy, will dictate our road

you spend two months unsure of us
two months losing my love
and when i finally called the end,
i don't think you quite believed
i could walk away from happy
but happiness is relative

may. we're sitting at a table, having a few beers
i gather my courage and i ball up my fists, and ask 'was there anyone else, here?'
you say 'yes, there was, but that's not why i ended us'
and i think: what else could it be?
we sit silent as i digest again the doings of a boy


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