Monday, November 30, 2009


well, your mom she bragged too much
about how you are the most beautiful girl
she was queen of ethiopia
but all her riches couldn't save you from the world
yeah, just like it always goes
the innocent one gets caught
in the middle, and they chained you to a rock
to wait and think of a man

no one ever asked you what you wanted

that man he took you far away
you were free again 'til you fell in love with him
I can't say I'm surprised
that was always your mama's big plan
Perseus, he married you
and turned your family to stone
with that Medusa's head upon his shield
now you're stuck here all alone

no one ever asked you if this is what you wanted

you used to dream of flying high
and fighting battles with those gods up in the sky
you used to dream of making change
maybe start a school or at least rearrange
how they thought of you
and now you're just somebody's wife
yeah now you're just another life

no one ever asked you if you go what you wanted


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