Monday, February 1, 2010


Woke up this morning, I just lay watching you
Sheets pulled up close to your chin
and the sunlight streaming in
I thought that we could drive to the beach
And spend our day in the waves
And I'll watch the water on your skin
Oh, Andrea

You're always laughin' and looking back at me
Hair in your eyes as you try not to miss a thing
You leave your footprints behind you in the sand
When we get home I see your toes
In puddles on the bathroom floor
Oh, Andrea

We pulled the couch outside and watched the city lights
And as you sat in my lap
Well, I just played you this song
I felt your heart beat though the sweatshirt you had on
The blanket caught your tears as I told you that I love you
Oh, Andrea

I told you that I love you


I actually wrote this for a friend of mine to sing- I think a lot of my songs would actually sound better in lower keys, with male voices singing. As soon as he and I get the chance to record, I'll put it up.

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