Sunday, October 31, 2010

down under manhattan bridge

in brooklyn, it felt like time stopped.

we walked out of the park and along the water, listening, talking
and your hand found my hand in the dark.

we put down the bags and blankets and sat on the bench
with my legs making a bridge over your lap.

we forgot about the next morning, we remembered it.
we decided to ignore it in favor of right now.

your fingers made little paths through my hair, and found homes on the back of my neck.
when we stood up to leave, i still felt them there.

the cobblestone streets and the evening made me unsteady
but you reached for me and kept me upright.

as we waited for the subway i watched what was escape through the stairways and airvents
and what is take its place beside me on the platform, in flipflops.

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